Oct 19, 2016

Taking a nice detour

All Photos: Cycling Art

Autumn is beautiful here in the Ottawa Valley. I often have to fit my riding during my work and sometimes find it difficult to go out. Whenever I do go for a ride it's not necessarily quantity but quality. The back roads are relatively smooth tarmac (perfect for me) with the odd gravel section thrown in. I guess that works out for the farmer's and their tractors and trucks. This morning's route on highway 44 was spoiled by road construction that led me to a detour. The good thing, smoother roads ahead for riding and fun discovering new rural roads with some pretty nice views.

Oct 16, 2016

Super Sagan: Repeat & Ryan Roth in 15th!

Job done. Beer time!

Huge congratulations goes to Peter Sagan doing the world double! He joins five other riders but becomes first rider since Paolo Bettini to repeat as world champion. He did everything right, never punctured, endured the heat, follow the moves and above it all... stayed patient until the final sprint.  It was super Sagan's day...

"So many things have to come together to win the world championship once, so do it two times in a row, maybe it is destiny. You must have good shape. You must have luck. The course has to be right. If there was a mountain in Qatar, I would not be a world champion. I cannot believe it that I won again. It is something strange. It is very strange, but it just happened."
- Peter Sagan.

What a sprint...

Best Canadian goes to the amazing Ryan Roth! With his ride there's got to be a WT team 

Oct 15, 2016

Fall-ing for a vineyard, World women's road race & Doha Project

Fall-ing for a vineyard in the Ottawa Valley.
I'm glad to postpone my chilly morning ride (1C) to the afternoon (16C) resulting in great weather and nice views.
photo: Cycling Art

photo: Cycling Art

Denmark's Amalie Dideriksen takes the win and becomes UCI World Champion!

Doha Project: Team Canada trains in Israel...

Oct 14, 2016

Friday File: King CX, Robin Williams's bikes & Doha overheating

King of CX: Erik De Vlaeminck.

Today's Friday File is bikes and Doha

It's cyclocross season! I'm enjoying the Peloton Magazine's Mostly Cross issue and it's a dandy. One of the CX's founding father's is Erik De Vlaeminck (1945-2015), brother of the legend Roger aka Monsieur Roubaix. Erik's accomplishments is also legendary:

World Cyclo-cross Champion: 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973.

Belgian National Cyclo-cross Champion: 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972)

He was such a skilled bike handler, that it was said, that he could ride along a railway rail for kilometres at a time without slipping off. He has seven world championships to his name and remains cyclo-cross's greatest ever racer!

Another great bike handler was...

The late and great actor, Robin Williams loved his bicycles. I loved his comedic frenzied energy. He translated that energy to his love of the two wheel kind. How onto your cycling caps... his eccentric collection is up for sale...

Story and photos here...

Colnago dots.

Doha IS overheating...

Don't believe what the organizers are saying in reference to the high temperatures in Doha when they say the heat is not in the 'danger zone'. Who are they kidding?

Enzo Walters U23 heat victim. 

I think a lot of riders will arrive for the final laps, but I do not think a lot of them will be fresh. The heat will be brutal.
- Tom Boonen

Can Peter Sagan do the world double? Paolo Bettini (2006, 2007) is the reigning double champion and his record will be seriously challenged by Sagan this Sunday...

A wonderful moment...

The Italian women's junior team celebrating their gold medal.

The No. 1 look...

Oct 12, 2016

Panzerwagen (nicely) wrecks havoc in Doha

It's amazing. I can't believe it. Everybody knows that I haven't had a good year. But his makes everything OK. the course was made for me. The only thing I was scared for was the heat. But I made a great preparation at home and with the team here. I was really strong in the head, I was not the favorite, I had no pressure. That made my race perfect. I always say that I don't count the victories, but I am so proud that I get to wear the world champion suit. 

- Tony Martin wins his fourth ITT world title beating defending champion Vasil Kiryienka by 45s!

On his way...

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