Nov 25, 2015

Red Dots Cycling: Black Friday Sale starts today

Flahute Cycling Cap
photo Red Dots Cycling

Looking to enjoy a Red Dots Cycling cap? Today begins Red Dots Cycling's Black Friday Sale - get 25% off every cap in stock, today thru November 29th (11:59 PST).

Use coupon code: BLACK25

Nov 23, 2015

Maestro on the cobbles

King Kelly of the Kassien.

Sean Kelly was one of the greatest on the cobbles. Two wins at Paris-Roubaix, a victory in Ghent-Wevelgem and three times a runner-up at the Tour of Flanders, Kelly was one of the king of the Classics. When the roads turn to dangerous cobbles, the Irish legend knows a thing or two on how to ride les pave...

Nov 20, 2015

Friday File: Toiling through Hell

1969: Merckx toils through hell.

The church of les paves will be re-visited in five months...

"Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."

- Paradise Lost, John Milton (1608-1674).

"Today we are visiting a world that would have been forgotten if one day a bike race hadn't had this crazy idea, once a year, of turning left on the way out from Troisvilles, leaving the civilization of the car to plunge into the meandering history of the Nord. The names are devilishly evocative: Inchy, Verchain-Maugre, Querenaing. They are the first stations of the cross. You couldn't invent something like that."

- Philippe Bouvet, L'Equipe, 2006.

Paris-Roubaix: of biblical proportions.

Peter Sagan's Sportful factory tour...

If Peter Sagan gets tired of the road, I think he can (or will) shine here...

UCI Indoor Cycling World Championships review.

I returned from my successful doctor's visit with a new outlook and anticipation to getting back on my bike...

Nov 18, 2015

Francesco Moser: Hell on L'enfer du nord

"I saw a rider lying on the ground. It was a really bad day. I rode over his bike. I reckoned if I'd braked I'd have gone down anyway and landed on top of him, so I might as well go over."

- Francesco Moser, 3-time champion of L'enfer du Nord.

Nov 16, 2015

Food glorious drink

1966 Giro d'Italia...
(l to r): Motta, Andorni, Anquetil and Gimondi.

Food... I think of it often. More so before, during and after a ride. But what does a professional cyclist eat during a hard three week race?

Here's an article of what Trek Factory Racing riders typically pound down in just one day in the Tour de France - the calories per day are equally astounding.

Before today's high science diet of gels, power bars and electrolyte drinks, pro riders ate huge quantities of high protein, gluten rich, high carbohydrate meals...

Felice Gimondi digs in for a high protein meal, 1966 Giro d'ltalia.

Fruit stand raiding.

My favorite...

Cafe raid included whatever cool 'beverage' the rider could swipe.

Informative video on fueling like a pro. This is a good guideline for all cyclists...

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