Aug 30, 2015

They told me just to keep going

My low tech worked.
photo Cycling Art

Yesterday's wind storm caused further havoc in the form of no internet service for about 20 hours. It just returned and I never thought I would 'miss' not having it. It's our portal for our virtual cycling cap business and also a gateway to know what's going on in the world. I haven't had cable tv for years and no plans to go back to that unsatisfactory world. Keeping life simple (without the internet) was an exercise in patience. I returned to my old mono 8 transistor radio for hourly updates on our local all news AM station. I'm from the pre-internet generation and, for a short time, just embraced low tech again.

Guess who Jonathan Vaughters hints at who his next big signing will be?...

The ripped, Joe Dombrowski...

GC changes...

"They told me, just to keep going, and see how it goes, and today it ended pretty well."

- Tom Dumoulin takes over the red jersey.

GC after Stage 9: T. Dumoulin 35:22:13 2. J. Rodriguez :57 3. E. Chaves :59

"Sagan cannot safely continue to race. He was hit by a reckless auxiliary motorbike and suffered wounds and burns of first and second degree on the left side of his body, from the hip to the lower leg. In addition, he has a contusion on his left forearm with an intra-muscular haematoma."

- Tinkoff-Saxo 

"Even if motorbikes are forced to through a group of riders, they should do it very carefully and not recklessly. In my opinion, motorbike drivers don't take the safety of the riders in consideration seriously."

Peter Sagan abandons the Vuelta.

Classic Cool:

Stage 4, Sevilla to Malaga, 1936 Vuelta

Aug 29, 2015

Storm's a brewin'

 Vancouver wind storm: Tree vs Car

Today's wind storm was harsh with winds howling as high as 90 km/hr knocking down trees and power lines and generally causing mayhem. An estimated 400k homes, in the Lower Mainland, are without power. Now, the winds have finally died down and it's comforting to have some much needed rain over the next few days. 

Our storm has stopped but another one is brewing in the Vuelta...

From today's article:

“Unfortunately, it isn't the first time such an incident happens," Sagan said later in a team press release. "Even if motorbikes are forced to go through a group of riders, they should do it very carefully and not recklessly. In my opinion, motorbike drivers don't take the safety of the riders in consideration seriously. Fortunately, my injuries aren't very serious but can you imagine what would have happened if he had ran over me?"
The motorcycle involved belonged to the Shimano neutral support team - one whose reputation was sullied when a support car knocked Jesse Sergent (Trek) down when he was part of a breakaway in the Tour of Flanders. Sagan was blocked in the Tour de France by a camera motorbike when attempting to change bikes in the Tour de France, too, but highlighted the dangers of this incident.
“If I had crashed alone or with another rider, I would have considered that to be part of the sport. However, being hit by a motorbike of the race organization shouldn't be acceptable. The safety of the riders should be an absolute priority and all vehicle drivers involved in a race must be more attentive. I really hope this incident is the start of a series of necessary changes in the way races are organized."

Tinkoff-Saxo later issued a sternly worded press release saying they would indeed consider legal action “against the person or persons responsible for crashing into Peter Sagan with 8.2km to go on the stage.”
“Tinkoff-Saxo believes that such accidents caused by reckless human error, regardless of whether they affect Tinkoff-Saxo’s riders or riders of other teams, are unacceptable at the top level of the sport of cycling,” the press release added.
Sagan himself was also fined 200 Swiss Francs “for threats and insults,” as well as a further 100 Swiss Francs for “behaviour which damages the image of cycling.”
"I go back to the team hotel and I read I was fined 300 francs for insults and threats as well as behavior that damages the image of cycling. I will, obviously, pay it but I consider it unjust," Sagan said.

Stage 8: 1. Jasper Stuyven 2. Pello Lopez De Armentia 3. Kevin Reza

DNF: Tejay Van Garderen, Nacer Bouhanni, Kris Boeckmans, Daniel Martin

Aug 28, 2015

Friday File: Rolland, Martin & Stetina on the move, Wide open Vuelta, #Nibali & Colnago Steel Master

Say hello Cannondale
Garmin and to more polka dots.

Transfer season is on and three good moves for 2016...

1. Pierre Rolland

Europcar is on it's final road with many riders looking for a 2016 ride. Pierre Rolland rides up to World Tour Cannondale-Garmin to replace outgoing Ryder Hesjedal. With a new team behind him, Rolland can perform well in the mountains classification.

"He is a rider who I believe can one day win the polka dot jersey and is an exciting addition to our 2016 line-up."
- Jonathan Vaughters.

2. Peter Stetina

Peter Stetina will leave BMC to Trek Factory and re-unite with Ryder Hesjedal...

Stetina and Hesjedal at the 2013 LBL

"Trek Factory was the right move for the next step in my career and comeback. I'm ready for Stetina 2.0, the next logical step post-injury. I would support Bauke and Ryder in their races and then also target the American races as a personal goal."
- Peter Stetina

3. Dan Martin

Here's the last 3 km of stage 7's mountain top finish...

Chris Froome loses time on the favorites and shows cracks today. Esteban Chaves stays in red and is looking to be a valid GC contender. Despite early days, this is a wide open Vuelta.


Colnago, thankfully, makes the Master in Italy, here's how it's made...

Cycling Cool...

Aug 27, 2015

What a day today... Incredibly hot

35C on stage 6 and it was literally a pressure cooker. Tops for Orica Green EDGE as Chaves takes back the red with panache...

Aug 26, 2015

I'm thrilled about this change of air & Ewan Time

Weight of the nation part 2 goes to Trek Factory.

I was caught off guard this morning, watching stage 5 of the Vuelta, of the news of Ryder Hesjedal making a huge transfer splash to Trek Factory Racing! A rare one year contract for any rider this season, but for the weight of the nation will leave the team I always thought would be his last. I think the move will be good and a breath of fresh air may be the tonic for him to finally win an Ardennes Classic and ...another Giro.

First Grand Tour stage win for the neo-pro.

“This is by far the happiest day in my career, to beat some of the best sprinters in the world, especially guys like Sagan and Degenkolb on an uphill finish, it really means a lot to me. It’s an honour to race with those guys and to beat them is just unreal for me."

- Caleb Ewan

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